Top 5 Picks of FUN Easter Activities for your Dog

Top 5 FUN Easter Activities for your Dog

1. Pawfect Dog Easter Photoshoot 🍪🐰

HOP into Easter fun with a pawfect doggy Easter photoshoot. Whether you choose to create your own or have it professionally done, there are range of props you can use, from mini Easter baskets, dress up props and even our personalised Dog Easter Treats. You will be make sure to capture memories that will last fur-ever with your dog. Featured below is Sedona with our Personalised Dog Easter Bunny Treat and our Dog Easter Egg Hunt pack. 



2. Dog Easter Costumes 🍪🐰

Embrace the Easter spirit and let your creativity shine by dressing up your pups in fun Dog Easter Costumes. There are loads of options, from dog costumes that go all out, all the way to the DIY options that let you create away. Whatever your choice, be sure to take some snaps. 

Featured below is Teddy and Elvis with our Easter Dog Treats Pupbiscuits and our Dog Easter Egg Hunt pack. 



3. Dog Easter Egg Hunt 🍪🐰

Get ready for an egg-citing Easter adventure with a thrilling Doggy Easter egg hunt! Whether you're hunting with friends or going solo, the thrill of discovering hidden treasures (or in this case dog treats!) is an experience like no other. There are loads of options of where to stage one - from your backyard, to indoors, to the local dog park and even the beach! Just make sure to arrange the treats before your Pups get there and watch their tail wags to wild!

Featured below is our Dog Easter Egg Hunt pack. 



4. Personalised Easter Treats 🍪🐰

For many years now, Personalised Dog Gifts just keep going from strength to strength. And whilst it's not a clear-cut activity, nothing is quite as personal as spoil ing your pup with tail-wagging treats personalised just for them! 

Featured below is our Dog Easter Paw & Bunny Ears pack, but be sure to check out the whole Easter collection for the entire range. 




5. Dog Easter Gift Baskets 🍪🐰 

What goodies are you filling your Dog Easter Gift Baskets with? Whether you buy a personalised basket with your pet's name (usually found online) or create your DIY version with a crate from local department store, they provide a great way to get creative. And as for what to stuff in them? Well, Easter themed toys and our scrumptious treats are guaranteed to make your dog's tail wag with joy!

Featured below is Lucy with our Personalised Dog Easter Bunny Treat.



We hope these ideas have provided lots of inspiration and joy to look at - and if you happen to get yourself some Golden Barkery Easter Dog Treats, don't forget to tag us on socials! #GoldenBARKery